German Branch

German Branch

The German Branch consists of members who teach German at schools around Queensland across primary, secondary & tertiary levels and in both state and private educational institutions.

Our purpose is to:
• provide peer support and professional development for teachers of German
• coordinate language events for learners of German
• develop and maintain links with partner organisations
• promote the benefits of learning German.

One of our major partnerships is with the Goethe Institut, who support us through professional development and assist with some of our student events.

If you wish to contact the German branch, please send a query to the president via an Enquiry form in the Contacts Section..



2017 Coming Events

See what is happening for German in 2017... HERE!


2017/18 SAGSE Exchange

SAGSE Qld. Inc. sends up to 30 Queensland school students, as a group, to Germany on exchange and to place a similar number of students from Germany in Queensland homes every year. The exchange is open to all students from state & private schools. Applications are open now!


Branch Contacts

The MLTAQ German Branch Executive for 2017

President/ MLTAQ Liason: Paula Hay

Secretary/ Webmaster: Jenna Baughurst

Treasurer: Elke Jackel

University Liaison Officer: Dr Geoff Wilkes

German Teachers' Mailout: Elizabeth Blair

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German - German Teachers' Mailout

In addition to the MLTAQ's Google Groups email list you may wish to be part of Elizabeth Blair's German Teachers' Mailout. Elizabeth collates many different sources of information and passes them on to teachers based on their sector worked in and age-group taught. MORE...

German - Useful links & resources

If you have any additional suggestions about any links or resources which you think may be useful to other members of the German Branch or the greater MLTAQ membership please send an enquiry to the webmaster.

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German Branch reports

German Branch report for 2015 - presented at the 2016 MLTAQ AGM

German Branch report for 2014 - presented at the 2015 MLTAQ AGM

MLTAQ German Branch email list

The MLTAQ uses mailing lists through Google Groups.

The German Branch group is MLTAQGerman. To join this group go to and search for MLTAQGerman. You can join the group without registering in Gmail but if you want to be able to see all your groups and read past copies of things you do need to be registered.

If you already have a Gmail account you should be fine.

If you have problems please contact the membership registrar on

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