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The MLTAQ Inc represents teachers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish in Queensland.

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MLTAQ Award for Exemplary Practice 2014 with the focus on Secondary Languages

Category 1: Teaching

Category 2: Leadership

Due date for nominations = Saturday 30th August 2014

Queensland Education announces new languages policy - Languages to be taught from Years 5-8 from 2015

See these news articles and interviews with our President Cynthia Dodd.


ABC Interview

“Languages teachers are more than language teachers; they understand the significant changes in the structure of the economic, political and social systems of other cultures. This specialised knowledge can make a tremendous contribution to History, Geography, English literature studies. Languages teachers can add to discussions about the different ways particular cultures understand the ethics of science, for example”.
Beryl Exley (PhD), Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology, comes out in support of Primary Languages.

MLTAQ journal: Exley, Beryl E.(2006) Balancing the equation: New times and new literacies = New LOTE teaching knowledge base demands.The MLTA Quarterly, 138, pp. 2-10. or publicly available here http://eprints.qut.edu.au/8047/1/8047.pdf

Our president was interviewed on 07/04/2014 on the ABC on the topic of:

Should students learn another language at school?

on Mornings with Steve Austin