CCLT Network


Have you ever tried teaching through CCLT? Want to learn how?

Comprehension-based Communicative Language Teaching (CCLT) is a pedagogical approach that maximises comprehensible input during communicative events, the byproduct being language acquisition. CCLT aligns with theoretical perspectives from within the contemporary and mainstream fields of second language acquisition and linguistics.

The MLTAQ hosted Australia’s first CCLT TCI / TPRS conference in 2017 at QUT Kelvin Grove, which later evolved into the CCLT Network.

The MLTAQ has a corporate Zoom subscription so we can network with you no matter where you live!

Recent CCLT / TPRS events!

  • MLTAQ CCLT Network TPRS Conference (online) - 9 January 2022
  • MLTAQ TPRS Conference - 10-12 January 2018 (Brisbane) and 15-17 January 2018 (Melbourne)
  • MLTAQ TCI TPRS Conference - 12/13 January 2017

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