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The Indonesian Network exists to support teachers of the Indonesian language with networking and professional development opportunities.

The MLTAQ has a corporate Zoom subscription so we can network with you no matter where you live!

Useful links about Indonesian

  • BBBIQ (Balai Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia - Queensland) websitefor learning and teaching Indonesian Language, aligning to the Australian Curriculum (Year 7 Entry Sequence). The material on this website is open source, available to anyone to use to learn and teach Indonesian - especially designed for learners in Australian education settings as these resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Indonesian. This website is a work-in-progress and resources for more units and year levels will be created as time progresses.
  • Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction This site contains hundreds of visual aids (illustrations) that can be used to support instructional tasks such as describing objects and people or describing entire events and situations. Learn more about the creation of the visuals and either search or browse the extensive collection.
  • "Indonesian Language in Australian Universities: Strategies for a stronger future" An electronic version of Prof David Hill's full Fellowship report, "Indonesian Language in Australian Universities: Strategies for a stronger future" is now available for download from the Fellowship website at: Please feel free to share/forward this link to anyone you believe might be interested in the contents of this important report. It would be great to generate some community awareness of the report's findings and support of its recommendations.
  • The Indonesian Studies Newsletter hosted at USC publishes local and national Indonesian language education news and resources and would welcome your articles - formal or informal - about your school, achievements, your professional situation, innovations, problems, solutions. The 2010 Report on the The Current State of Indonesian Language Education in Australian Schools can be downloaded at Issue 55 (or direct from DEEWR) alongside Prof. David Hill's 2012 ALTC Report on Indonesian at Australian universities (also available at Murdoch University). You might also be interested in this 2012 report by Norm Hunter on Asian Languages in Independent Schools: Factors Contributing to Student Retention Rates.
  • You may also find useful for language lessons or promotion the images and accounts in the "student news and views section" of the Lombok In-Country program website at USC.

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